Talking Cryptos with Juliet, 跟Juliet的区块链对话


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(Question): In the first half of this year, the currency circle ushered in a small climax, but the investment is still rational. How do you view this market situation?

(Juliet): The whole model of investment is complete changing. Before most of people invested to trade tokens and expected it to turn x10 in a couple of months and nobody cared of what is behind the idea and if there any product exists, when now the market is getting more mature and it comes to the smart investments when people invest to save their crypto or to get significant income in a couple of years, so analyze projects comprehensively. The general trend of holding more and trading less helps to make the market less volatile and there will be more and more stable coins appearing backed by the real assents or currency like gold or fiat USD. And together with the regulations which are coming into the force, digital investment will literally replace traditional one and become fully regulated.

(Question) How do you view the staking economy and what is the impact on the investment in the blockchain sector in the second half of the year?

(Juliet)It’s a good solution for the question of trust and reliability, investors will feel more secure and projects will have a good chance to expand their infrastructure.

(Question)Blockchain in the second half of 2019 + Which industries are worthy of attention?

(Juliet)Big names like Facebook, Amazon, Huawei, IBM are coming to the industry and for them is better sometimes to get the ready technological solution instead of spending time for development. It will lead more and more M&A deals appearing in the future. And only big ecosystems projects will survive in this competitive market. On the other hand, blockchain first of all is a payment instrument, so we will see more and more professional financial products based on blockchain.

(Question) Something important you want to emphasize (In the crypto space) ?

(Juliet) We should never forget about the most important role of blockchain which is social impact we a here to create. So, let’s more forward to make the world a better place.








(Q) 你想強調什麼重要在区块链是什么?


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