China's Pandemic Causes Bitcoin to rise up

Today's Bitcoin prices has been steadily rising as to the spread of China's Pandemic flu's problem. Today's 1 BTC Price= 10254USDT according to Kraken. Uncertinity of the near future's outlook has caused China (the biggest custodian of Bitcoin) in a near Halt. The Wuhan's virus infections has somewhat been stabled at this moment. Demand of holding BTC seems to be way more attractive than other currencies at the moment. China at the moment is under immense stress as the Hong Kong's protests has died down a bit now they are battling a national viral disease that has never been reached to this scale. Hong Kong's SARS virus infection incident has caused 6 months economic handicap to the Hong Kong's economy. Compare to the scale of SARS, the WUHAN virus seems like is a lot far reaching and much more patients has been diagnosed. And the outbreak time can have much longer than of the SARS incident in 2004.

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