China's Greater bay for Technology

Chinese government plans to become the best tech centers in the world in the greater bay area. However, with 3 legal systems and 2 major currency differences a lot of the details has to be worked out. No solid plan is written in stone yet for how much funding are we getting, neither is the qualities and quantities of the companies that will be coming into Hong Kong/Macau. SFC in Hong Kong continuing to try to find ways to legalize digitize asset. While mainland has not lifted the gates for digital asset trading quiet yet. The official website:

The plan has concludes that funds and companies will come to Hong Kong, Macau to create more jobs for the SAR regions. And the Hong Kong/Macau companies can receive funds for their innovation labs. We still do not know what companies will be in Hong Kong, how much are the funding, will there be more blockchain opportunities for the young people, can the best developers in China be able to work in a crypto exchange in Hong Kong? These are all the questions remain unanswered.

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