Blockchain is still Hot Despite in winter season

Despite the crypto winter is not quite over yet, conventions of Blockchain continues to shine. 28th of Feb Blockchain Summit 2019 is held in Hong Kong's Cyber Port. A numberof large enterprises show up such as Sun Life, Ernest and Youing, Modern Terminals Limited, Aegon, Oracle, just to name a few. Used to be Blockchain is purely a cult following but for this particular event in Hong Kong is dominated by the enterprises. The message is clear from the large enterprises that the blockchain is not only very much alive and well dwelling in the enterprises' arms. However, Individual ICO project does not make much appearance in this particular event. The start ups do appear in this event are mostly STOs-related or a utility-based token but have underlying asset value in something tangible.

"By tokenizing precious art pieces, now that everyone can own a piece of art...... As a result, if this type of ionization becomes popular with the public, art value can go up as a result...": said Pauline Houl, CEO of Monart.

Seems like Bitcoin prices might be low compare to the highs of 2017. But the passions of startups and enterprises is not slowing down one bit on Blockchain technologies based on the turn out of this event..

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