Blockchain hope are on the Horizon for the greater bay area.

The Hong Kong Blockchain Association Spring Summit is held in Feb 21st, 2019 in HKEX connect hall. The speakers come from mainland China and Hong Kong's more respectable financial regulators. The message is strong to the public as mainland China will continue to grow the greater bay area in Blockchain, and Fintech. Once again the speakers are emphasizing on Hong Kong's GDP's are mostly from Finanace. And Hong Kong shall not lag behind in the upcoming digital finanace economy as most speakers agree on. However, there was nothing specific of how to revamp the Hong Kong's sandbox for trading cryptos. Nor how much money will be poured into Hong Kong's fintech space yet. After attending this meeting, a postive vibe do shoots up a fintech-person's vains. But in order for this 'high' to last, the goverement needs to act quicker in the revamp regulations for cryptos-trading and fintech licenses

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